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Cooking Project: Reverse Sear

So this weekend I was feeling a little tired and I also wanted to try something new–so I decided to get some extra Iron into my system and make some steaks! It was actually the first time I’ve ever cooked a steak and the first time I’ve cooked beef since before I was pescetarian for a little over a year.

I had read about a technique called reverse sear, which essentially means that you cook the interior of the steak first and the exterior last. This is in contrast to the typical process, where grillmasters will sear the steak to “lock in” the fats and juices, and then finish the rest of the steak in the oven to get it to its right temperature. One of the advantages of reverse searing is that you are more easily able to evenly cook the entire steak and maximize the area of the ideal doneness. Searing the steak first will generally cause different “layers” of doneness within the steak due to the uneven heating; as a result, only a small part of the middle is actually the truly desired outcome.

Here’s the process:

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Long time no blog, but honestly I really should post more–especially considering I have some more free time. Anyways, In the last few months, I’ve:

  • Gotten a new, awesome job
  • Moved to Ohio for said job
  • Trained and completed a marathon
  • Turned 25

I could recap all of those, but hey, might as well move forward and not dig too far back. Anyways, to celebrate my 25th birthday I went to FunFunFunFest in Austin, TX and got to see one of my best friends, hear some of my favorite artists, and devour some of the best Tex-Mex this country has to offer (although I’ll say, my favorite Mexican torta still resides in Columbus). Not pictured: a beautiful run around the Colorado River, Texas’s football victory over ranked West Virginia, and even more food.

Here are the photos. I think I’ll start taking more of these.

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Taiwan Panoramas

Pursuant to my last post, here are some of the panoramic photos I took while I was in Taiwan. Click to enlarge, then click again to see them in their full glory:

View from the 89th floor of Taipei 101. (Click here for full-size)

Juxtaposition of the giant duck in Kaohsiung. (Click here for full-size)

View from the top of the hike of Jiantan Mountain. (Click here for full-size)

View from the coastal side of Tamsui. (Click here for full-size)

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“The Rainbow and the Bridge.” The only proverb I’ll ever write.

Let me forecast this story as something that’s pretty corny. But seeing as I’ve rarely been inspired to actively blog, I have to say that this was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had.

For a brief backstory, I began to enjoy running over the summer. I was working longer hours over the summertime for my job, so a lot of my stress relief was dictated through forms of exercise–whether it be dancing, running, or lifting. Eventually, I had run so far that I decided to run in the Seattle Half-Marathon for my first road race. (If you’re asking “why so far away from VA?”, the answer is that I also had a lot of vacation time saved up from the year!). The half marathon in itself is another story–I smashed my race goal–but basically I traveled to Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco for a 9-day “tour of awesome” (as described by a couple of locals I met in Portland).


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DIY: Create a vinyl record clock for $3

Things you’ll need:

$3 in order to…

  • Buy a Rusch Clock from Ikea

  • Buy a vinyl record of your choosing. You can get a thrift store one for $1 usually, although it’s likely to be some Andy Williams record, Pachelbel’s Canon in D, or 60s compilation album


1. Buy everything. Lay it out in front of you.

2. Detach the Rusch Clock. Start by prying open the frame (takes a slight bit of force). the clock hands go right off. Peel the clock face off.

3. Pry out the small clock motor off of the back of the Rusch clock.

4. Stick the motor into the hole of the record and re-attach the clock hands. It goes hours first, minutes, then seconds. Should be easily done. Voila!

5. Use again for other records if you’d like. The record’s hole is a bit bigger than the clock motor, so you can use some double sided tape onto the clock motor to make sure the record stays in one place. Use an adhesive on the back or something sticky and put it on your walls!

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I want this clock.


ART DU TEMPS – illi from illi on Vimeo


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Non-sports team fitted hats

Have you ever realized just how impossible it is to get a good looking hat that is NOT a sports team? Here’s a few cool ones I’ve found…

New Era Japan x Soda Collab

New Era Fanta

New Era USSR

New Era USSR

New Era x Nike Air Max 1 Safari “We Major”

We Major

Taito Space Invaders (which I was lucky enough to actually purchase)

Taito x New Era

UNDFTD Spring 2011 Collection


Dissizit x Delicious Vinyl (if only the color blocking scheme was better)

And that’s literally all I could find. Hopefully I’ll find better ones that I can afford to buy…

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Fresh writing utensil.

Baldessari Eraser

John Baldessari eraser. Buy it here.

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