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DIY: Create a vinyl record clock for $3

Things you’ll need:

$3 in order to…

  • Buy a Rusch Clock from Ikea

  • Buy a vinyl record of your choosing. You can get a thrift store one for $1 usually, although it’s likely to be some Andy Williams record, Pachelbel’s Canon in D, or 60s compilation album


1. Buy everything. Lay it out in front of you.

2. Detach the Rusch Clock. Start by prying open the frame (takes a slight bit of force). the clock hands go right off. Peel the clock face off.

3. Pry out the small clock motor off of the back of the Rusch clock.

4. Stick the motor into the hole of the record and re-attach the clock hands. It goes hours first, minutes, then seconds. Should be easily done. Voila!

5. Use again for other records if you’d like. The record’s hole is a bit bigger than the clock motor, so you can use some double sided tape onto the clock motor to make sure the record stays in one place. Use an adhesive on the back or something sticky and put it on your walls!

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