New Year’s Eve recipe: 12-hour Smoked Pork Shoulder

The end of the world is coming! Eat as good as you can.

So instead of doing an unnecessarily high expectation New Year’s event, my roommates and I decided to throw a BBQ potluck. The star dish of the day would be a smoked pork shoulder/butt (although they seem to be opposite ends, they are the same cut of meat). Mind you, neither of us had smoked anything in our leaves but we were eager with excitement. (This was my roommate’s idea by the way–I don’t want to steal the credit. Thus, we went to Costco and bought a 17 pounder of pork shoulder. We then cut it to half the size for maximum cooking efficiency to about 8 pounds and froze the rest.

The juices of the meat after unwrapping it:


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DIY: Create a vinyl record clock for $3

Things you’ll need:

$3 in order to…

  • Buy a Rusch Clock from Ikea

  • Buy a vinyl record of your choosing. You can get a thrift store one for $1 usually, although it’s likely to be some Andy Williams record, Pachelbel’s Canon in D, or 60s compilation album


1. Buy everything. Lay it out in front of you.

2. Detach the Rusch Clock. Start by prying open the frame (takes a slight bit of force). the clock hands go right off. Peel the clock face off.

3. Pry out the small clock motor off of the back of the Rusch clock.

4. Stick the motor into the hole of the record and re-attach the clock hands. It goes hours first, minutes, then seconds. Should be easily done. Voila!

5. Use again for other records if you’d like. The record’s hole is a bit bigger than the clock motor, so you can use some double sided tape onto the clock motor to make sure the record stays in one place. Use an adhesive on the back or something sticky and put it on your walls!

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I want this clock.


ART DU TEMPS – illi from illi on Vimeo


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Pretty sure my head bled from doing spins on carpet yesterday.


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Clip from my gig last weekend.

PARTY ROCKIN’ from Nolan Chao on Vimeo.

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Who knew a white t-shirt could cost…$345?

saw via via Huffington Post…

Hermes offers a white pocketed t-shirt for the price of…$345.

Yes, I’m serious.

No word on how much a v-neck could cost…

Alternatively, you can get a polo for $460.

I think I’ll just buy my basics elsewhere. The Hermes shirt had better been sewn from Zeus’s used q-tips.

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First Day of Work

Today was my first day at real work!

Pretty smooth sailing today. I woke up really early–didn’t want to oversleep or be late–so I was twenty minutes early to the office. Sort of awkward at first but I guess that’s how it is when you meet a lot of people in a new climate. I really did like everyone I met though. Overall I’m really excited! The commute to and fro was not bad at all–20 and 30 minutes respectively. Relief! I’m not going to disclose too much about work but I’m very optimistic as to what it will lead to.

On the living situation, there have already been some changes. For one, my grandpa does not want me to cook in the house. Strange, right? I can’t use the stove at all. Don’t ask me why; my relatives do not know either. So I have to find creative ways to get my food. Breakfast and lunch aren’t a problem–dinner, currently, is whatever I have cooked myself from other places and brought to here to warm up. It should be interesting for the next few weeks.

Also, I’ve been on the quest for more business clothes with the start of this job. Thrifted this tie, only $5.50 total. Not a crazy tie but I like the combination, just very simple and clean and could go well with a variety of dress shirts.

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The Next Chapter

I’ve been searching for something that would inspire me to write. Well, maybe not searching but at least something came up to motivate me to write (at least so I can stop getting spam comments on my blog because they think it’s inactive).

I just finished moving in yesterday to my grandpa’s house. I think he’s only lived here in his entire time in the United States. He’s 86. My aunts and uncles and dad grew up here. It’s a nice house, not a typically huge McMansion of Northern Virginia. I used to spend some summers here with my little sister. It would be fun, mainly because of Annandale’s large park community. We’d set out early in the mornings just so my grandparents could walk around and exercise while my sister and I played around.

Things are a little bit different now, it’s only my grandpa in the house and he is significantly more introspective, quiet, and stubborn. It’s a bit understandable at this age; I feel as if everyone needs a break. I’m sure–actually, I know–that he’s paid his dues. This time, I’m up here for the summer to work at a place near Tyson’s Corner. It saves me a lot of time from my commute (about one hour each way) than if I were living at home.

Yesterday was my first day here; I left my house at 12, got here at 1, unpacked, and by 3 I went out grocery shopping and got to experience the marvels of NoVa traffic. I’m not used to going 10 miles in thirty minutes. Or an hour. The drivers are pretty aggressive here too; there is an abundance of construction here and even the slightest error makes for no bit of forgiveness. I probably spent 5 hours driving and put about 200 miles on the car in a day. I went to a dinner and a movie with some friends and I-495 was even busy at 1am! Stop and go traffic because of construction. I didn’t get home until about 3.

Welcome to NOVA, I guess?

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Spin Factor Entertainment, LLC – Promo Presentation Video

Spin Factor Entertainment, LLC – Promo Video from Nolan Chao on Vimeo.

Facebook Page

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Non-sports team fitted hats

Have you ever realized just how impossible it is to get a good looking hat that is NOT a sports team? Here’s a few cool ones I’ve found…

New Era Japan x Soda Collab

New Era Fanta

New Era USSR

New Era USSR

New Era x Nike Air Max 1 Safari “We Major”

We Major

Taito Space Invaders (which I was lucky enough to actually purchase)

Taito x New Era

UNDFTD Spring 2011 Collection


Dissizit x Delicious Vinyl (if only the color blocking scheme was better)

And that’s literally all I could find. Hopefully I’ll find better ones that I can afford to buy…

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