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Cooking Project: Reverse Sear

So this weekend I was feeling a little tired and I also wanted to try something new–so I decided to get some extra Iron into my system and make some steaks! It was actually the first time I’ve ever cooked a steak and the first time I’ve cooked beef since before I was pescetarian for a little over a year.

I had read about a technique called reverse sear, which essentially means that you cook the interior of the steak first and the exterior last. This is in contrast to the typical process, where grillmasters will sear the steak to “lock in” the fats and juices, and then finish the rest of the steak in the oven to get it to its right temperature. One of the advantages of reverse searing is that you are more easily able to evenly cook the entire steak and maximize the area of the ideal doneness. Searing the steak first will generally cause different “layers” of doneness within the steak due to the uneven heating; as a result, only a small part of the middle is actually the truly desired outcome.

Here’s the process:

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Recipe: Garlic and Soy Sauce Salmon with Sauteed Lemon Pepper Mushrooms

Mad easy recipe for you to cook. Takes less than 30 minutes.

Need (1 serving):

1 6oz portion Salmon (defrosted if frozen)
2 tbsp soy sauce
a few garlic cloves, depending on taste
a few pinches basil
a few grinds of black pepper
a few shakes of lemon pepper
5-6 regular mushrooms
extra virgin olive oil

What I ate it with:
1/2 avocado
a few shakes of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
Sriracha sauce
Jasmine rice


Salmon is such a great fish because it is really easy to cook, versatile, and very very healthy for you. Word to omega-3! It’s very tender too and works well with seasoning. Anyways, here are the steps:

1. Make sure salmon is defrosted or fresh. Peel then cut up or mince one clove of garlic and put it in a sandwich bag. Add 1 tbsp of soy sauce and add some black pepper and basil, not too much though. Just to whatever your taste is. Then add the salmon in the bag, seal, shake it to cover it with spices, and put it in the fridge while you prepare other things.
2. Heat up 2 pans, one to about medium heat the other to low. Add some EV olive oil. Cut up the mushrooms into slices. Mince another clove of garlic. Add 1/2 of that clove into the low-heat pan.
3. When the salmon is done, take it out and put it on the pan without the garlic. It will take a while to cook. Let the outsides get nice and semi-charred. The key is to not overcook the fish though; nothing is worse than dried-out seafood.
4. Put mushrooms in the pan with 1/2 the clove of garlic. Start sauteeing. Add a few shakes of lemon pepper to taste. Mushrooms are really easy to cook. When they start to get darker, softer, you’ll know when they are ready. Do not let them get too soggy though.
5. Salmon is ready when the inside doesn’t look raw. You can cut some parts open and take a peek.
6. Plate and serve. I ate mine with steamed jasmine rice and avocado with seasoning and hot sauce.

Feb 2 Dinner
(click to enlarge)


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